Mar. 17th, 2010

First time

Mar. 17th, 2010 01:11 pm
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 I have had an enthusiasm for seeing others wet themselves and to do it myself for some time, and like most of you here at first I just used to wet myself at home and in the garden. I did not tend to go out much anyway. Things started to change though when I started going out to the pub.

PVC skirt

The first time I went to the pub I was wearing 5" heels, fishnet stockings, a PVC miniskirt (without knickers of course) and a top. It was just coincidence that I had worn these clothes at home before when I had wet myself, I had no intention of doing so while out. I had been drinking a lot of cola while watching the karaoke and had to pop out to the car to make a phone call. 

It was frosty and the cold night air as I went outside immediately reminded me that I wanted to pee. I sat in the car and made the call, and as I got out of the car I realised that there was no one around so I thought that I might as well pee outside, after all I had done this in the garden a few times. I stood with my legs a little apart and started to pee. I had not realised just how much I wanted to pee and in no time my pee was coming out with so much force that it was catching on my skirt and soaking my legs and feet. My pee was deliciously warm where it was wetting my feet and legs and once my feet were wet I thought 'What the hell' and just carried on letting my pee go where it wanted - I knew that my PVC skirt would be OK and that my stockings were already wet.

I was a bit worried that I might smell a bit of pee but I went back inside anyway. My legs and feet were still warm with pee by the time I had got back inside and I felt deliciously wet. I went straight to the bar and got another drink and sat down to watch the karaoke.

I drunk some more and eventually I needed to pee again. This time I went outside expressly with the intention of peeing in the car park. As soon as I was clear of the doorway I stopped and just let rip, letting my pee catch my skirt again and soak my legs and feet. I was a little shocked when I heard a car door close and saw someone walking towards me. I quickly shut off the flow and walked on towards the car. As soon as the coast was clear I stopped and finished peeing before going back inside and going straight to the bar.

The next and final time that I wanted to pee that evening I went outside again and this time kept my legs tight together so that all my pee ran down my legs. This felt really nice as my pee was so hot, not just warm. I went back inside for a bit while my legs and feet dried off a bit before I went home and had a shower - fully clothed to wash the pee off.

The next time that I went to the pub I wore the same outfit. This time I had no intention of using the toilet. The first time that I wanted to pee I went outside as before and peed down my legs with my legs tight together and went back inside.

As I sat down with my drink I realised that my residual pee was running down my stockings and onto the carpet. A little bit more won't hurt I thought to myself so I perched on the edge of the chair and tucked my feet under so that I could pee a little on the back of my legs. Although I had only peed a few minutes before I was able to squeeze out a little more, enough to feel the warmth on my legs and feet.

I carried on drinking and peeing on the back of my legs, letting my pee run down my legs and feet before it soaked into the carpet, all evening. I only left my seat to go to the bar and get another drink as soon as my glass was empty.

Later in the evening I had just been carried away watching the singing when I realised that I had not peed for a while. I was sitting at a table on my own and getting quite comfortable just letting my pee out when I wanted. I had just started peeing, and it was coming out quite fast when a couple of girls came and sat down at the table with me. I stopped peeing as soon as I realised they were there. They had not seen me there before so just came to say hello.

We all started chatting and got on quite well. After a while I was beginning to get a little desperate but did not want to go to the toilet or even outside to pee. I was hoping that they would go for a pee but they didn't. Eventually I felt a bit more relaxed with them and although I was getting desperate I was able to just let short spurts of pee out on the back of my legs while we chatted. As the pressure subsided I was able to let out longer and longer spurts until I could just relax and let my pee run down the back of my legs until I was empty. At last orders I emptied out and my feet and legs were pretty dry by the time I left and went back with the girls for pizza and pavlova.


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This evening was just another ordinary evening out, but I will tell you about it anyway.

 Rock chick street pee

I got ready in my favourite rock chic outfit which includes 5" heels, a short pleated skirt with a tutu under it to make a flouncy petticoat and a laced up corset style top with bat wing sleeves. 

I had plenty to drink before I went and on the way to the club. As soon as I got to the club I got a drink and sat down and did my first wee while I drank. My pee sprayed into the front of my skirt and ran down over my thighs. Delicious. Once I started I just relaxed and let my pee out full blast. It was lovely and warm as it ran down over my thighs and ran down the back of my legs before dripping off and soaking invisibly into the carpet.

When I finished my drink I got up and danced for a bit while my skirt dried.

After dancing I went to the bar and got another drink. I just casually relaxed my bladder while I was standing at the bar and sprayed the front of my skirt again.

I took my drink and sat down. I waited until the last few sips before I peed again, this time spraying the back of my legs with my pee before I got up and danced again. It was nice dancing on the podium with wet legs.

When I was worn out from dancing I got another drink and sat down and weed again before dancing some more. Then it was time to come home and write up what I had been getting up to.

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With the club closed I went to a different pub for a change. I don't normally stay till the pub closes but with no club I thought that I might as well stay till the end. As usual I had plenty to drink before going out and when I got to the pub I got a drink and found a nice comfortable sofa to sit on. I sipped my drink and sat back on the sofa, carefully letting out a short spurt of pee. It is not always easy to let out an initial short spurt to wet the seat so that subsequent pee soaks in rather than run off. Staying until the end I did not have to worry about anyone else sitting on the wet seat. I sipped my drink and a short while later I just relaxed and let my pee flow. It was nice to feel it pool around my bottom as it soaked through my black spandex dress. I had to stop before my puddle overflowed the seat and ran on to the floor.

Wet spandex dress

I finished my drink quite quickly and got another from the bar. It was nice knowing that my dress was wet and that no one could tell as I walked through the pub. I sat down again and just peed into the seat whenever I felt like it as I drunk. I had got through another three drinks before last orders and when the music stopped I relaxed and let out some more pee before forcing the last bit out onto the back of my legs as I stood up. I walked out of the pub with the sensation of my wet stockings and my wet dress on my legs as my pee wicked its way down to my feet. 

Next day I had heard about a new pub that had a new girly night so I thought that I might try it out since I had an early night the night before. I put on my skimpiest club outfit and had a couple of cups of tea before I left and drunk a litre of orange juice during the drive which took me about an hour to get there.

There were no girls there when I arrived so I thought that I might as well get a drink and wait and see if anyone turns up. I was feeling quite full so took my drink and found a sofa on a small patch of carpet. It was quite a relief to sit down and perch on the edge of the seat. Straight away I relaxed and peed on the back of my legs, enjoying both the warmth running down my legs and on to my feet and the brief wave of the comforting, fresh dilute pee aroma for the first few seconds of the flow.

I sat and sipped my drink, relaxing and letting my bladder drain periodically as it refilled.

It looked like it was a quiet evening and no girls were going to turn up so I went to my normal pub instead. I got another drink and sat down to watch the karaoke. Again I perched on the edge of the seat and peed on the back of my legs. Delicious.

After another drink and a bit more peeing it was time for the club. Lots of drinking, lots of dancing, and lots of pee running down my legs. Whenever I sat down there was always a little bit of pee to spray on the back of my legs.

A fun week. Unfortunate that I have to get up for work and can't go without sleep every night! 



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