Mar. 18th, 2010

A new club

Mar. 18th, 2010 11:51 am
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I went to a new club the other day that I had not been to before. I went with a couple of friends and it was rather crowded, as I guess is typical for a Saturday night. I wore one of my typical clubbing outfits with a short skirt and tutu as a petticoat, high heels and fishnet stockings.

Peeing in the park

I guess it was not too exciting, just a normal clubbing night out for me, but it was nice to go with some friends (Deadly and Blondie) who I had not been clubbing with before. I usually go clubbing on my own most of the time. 

As usual I was ready to pee pretty much as soon as I got there. We made straight for the bar and had to wait for a short while. I took the opportunity to pee while I was standing, just letting my pee gently run down my legs and soak into the carpet. I was done by the time we were served.

We spent the rest of the evening dancing interspersed with sitting down to rest and have a drink. I took the opportunity to pee while we were sitting and drinking.

When the club closed (while it was still really swinging!) we all left. There was quite a queue to get out as all the staff in the club are really chatty and were talking a lot to people as they left. The delay in getting out had meant that 'Deadly' needed to pee again - having visited the ladies a few times.

Deadly was showing the effects of eight Bacardis so I thought it would be fun to show her how to pee properly out in the street, I was also hoping that she might try it herself.

When we got to the car park I asked Deadly. "Do you still need to pee?"

She said. "Yes."

I said. "Do it here then." Adding. "Like Me."

With that I smiled and with my legs a little apart I started peeing. I heard my pee splattering on the tarmac and felt some splashes on my feet. With that I looked down to see that my pee was catching on my tutu.

Deadly just calmly said. "I can't pee here." And got in the car.

I did not press the point and just finished peeing before getting in myself. It is nice to know that I can pee in front of Deadly and I now know that she won't mind.

We all went back to Blondie's for coffee then I went home.

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While clubbing is something I do quite a bit, attending seminars is something I do less often - so I thought I might tell you about my day out.

Wetting in the Watersports area

The seminars were being held at the seaside so I drove there. I needed to pee by the time I got there so I did my first pee sitting in the car, perched on the edge of the seat with my legs out of the door. I was wearing my skirt suit with the usual heels and fishnet stockings, and just got my legs and feet a little wet with pee. My skirt stayed mostly dry. It was not until I had started peeing that I realised quite how busy the road was where I had parked. I think that my heels and stockings were drawing a bit more attention than I had expected but I think that they were distracting everyone from my peeing.

I got to the seminar location and was first there. I sat down in the waiting area while waiting for the other delegates to arrive and got to sit down by a table. I managed to squeeze out a little bit more wee before anyone else arrived.

The seminar was reasonably uneventful. We were all sat around in a circle so it was very hard to pee during the seminar. After chatting for a bit with a guy who suggested another seminar that I might like to attend I was the last to leave. I stood and did a little wee on the carpet while I buttoned up my coat. I had not been drinking so did not do much.

I walked out into the cold and walked to the next seminar. There was still snow on the ground and although my heels are ideal for what I do, they were not too steady on the slippery ground.

The cold had had an effect and by the time I got to the second seminar I wanted to pee again. While I was waiting for the seminar to start I stood and peed gently while I looked at my delegate notes. All my pee soaked nicely into the carpet, some of it ran down my legs and some went on the front of my skirt because I noticed that when I got into the seminar I could feel a damp patch on the front of my skirt. There was nothing to see though.

The seminar went on quite a bit and although I had (unusually) not had anything to drink for a while I soon felt the need to pee again. Unfortunately we were all sitting around and I was quite near the front so again I could not pee easily. I was not too worried about having to wait though.

After the seminar finished I went out into the sun. There was still snow on the ground so I went to the sea front to enjoy it. There are few things as nice as walking along the promenade in the sun, with snow on the beach, letting loose and feeling my hot pee soaking my legs and feet as the wind blew my skirt, getting it completely soaked. A lovely end to the day before I walked back to my car and went home.

Wet suit on the promenade

It does feel nice wearing my smart suit, knowing that my skirt is soaking wet with pee and no one knows.

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While I go to the pub a lot, and always wet myself while I am there, I don't very often take a camera with me and film myself doing it. I like to be discreet when I pee because I like to just pee when I want to without having to think about it. On this occasion though I happened to have my camera with me to film my friend, so while she popped off to the ladies (silly girl) I sat and watched the karaoke, and did a little wee, and just nonchalantly put the camera down on the table while I did it.

It is not easy to film and be discreet, especially when it involves pointing a camera up your skirt, so make the most of it!



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