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It is second nature to me now to just sit and pee through my skirt when I want to pee, but it was not always so.

I remember the first time that I decided to do it quite well. I was out for the day and had discreetly weed down my legs a few times. It had been raining so I had not worried too much about little puddles appearing around my feet while I was standing and chatting on my phone.

It was a cold winter's day, and I had just got on the train and sat down when I got the little tingle that told me It was time to pee. At that time ordinarily I would have just shuffled my skirt up a bit, perched on the edge of the seat and discretely peed on the back of my legs - but the train was crowded and there was no carpet on the floor to soak up my pee so it would have been obvious what I had done with the puddle moving up and down the coach as the train moved unless I held on until the end of my journey. I had peed like this before on an empty train, and the puddle migrated so far it would have been hard to associate it with me after ten minutes.

I had contemplated holding on, but sinking into the nice uphostery I so much wanted to feel my pee warming up the seat. My skirt was knee length and quite tight, just about short enough to scrunch up sufficiently while I scoot to the edge of the seat, but too long to scrunch up sufficiently while sitting back on the seat.

It was just one of those spur of the moment things. My skirt was black so I knew it would not show too much if it was wet, and I was not likely to see anyone I knew anyway, and it would be dark outside when it was time to get off the train.

I just sat back and before I had a chance to change my mind I just relaxed and gently released my pee into my skirt.

I just did a 15 second spurt to moisten the uphostery initially, thouroughly enjoying the luxury of feeling the warmth pool in my skirt before soaking away into the seat.  I must have been smiling like a cheshire cat because the feeling was even more luxurious knowing that the rest of the passengers were not enjoying the warmth that I was feeling.

It was done now, my skirt was wet so there was no reason at all not to continue. A minute later I relaxed and peed again. Gently still, but this time I just kept going until I was empty.

It was lovely feeling the warmth carressing my bottom and thighs, and of course no one knew.

As my journey neared its end I had some trepidation about getting up to leave my seat, but I just waited until most of those getting off had got up and just followed them out.

As I was leaving the train there were a few drops falling from the hem of my skirt on to the back of my legs which startled me a little, but I just walked out confidently and struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger as we walked to the car park.


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I have not posted any experiences for a while, but don't think that I have not been having fun, I just have not been doing anything different.

Yesterday evening I went out to the pub for karaoke with Rocky and Sweety. I was wearing one of my typical outfits - black Lycra minidress with a black net skirt over it, black fishnet stockings and platform shoes with a six inch heel. The net skirt did not hide anything so I had to make sure that my dress did not ride up. Rocky would be easily offended if my bottom was on show.

I had a couple of cups of tea and a litre of orange juice before I got to the pub and had a cola in the pub so it was not long before I wanted to pee.

The holiday season is well under way now so the pub was very busy with holidaymakers who were keen to chat. There was no where to sit and pee so after dancing I just stood chatting with the holidaymakers across a partition. With my legs a little apart I relaxed and let my pee spray into the front of my dress. It was nice to feel my pee splashing off the front of my dress onto my legs, and splashing up off the carpet on to my feet. It was nice just relaxing and chatting, and I let my pee flow until I was empty. Nothing could be heard over the singing. Eventually I finished chatting and rejoined my friends. It was nice feeling the wet front of my dress on my thighs as I walked.

A few Pepsis later I was standing with Rocky watching Sweety sing. All eyes were on the stage since Sweety is oriental and had come out wearing little more than just her nighty. As everyone watched her sing I just relaxed again and peed into the front of my dress. It was a good job that Sweety was too busy reading the words on the screen to see what her audience was doing.

Later on with the singing over people started to go home and on to the clubs so we got to sit down. I did my last pee perched on the edge of the chair, peeing on the back of my legs while we chatted, not worrying about getting the back of my skirt wet.

Just another ordinary evening in the pub.

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It was not a big stadium concert, but it was time to be a rock chic. There was cracking music in my local pub from a rock tribute band so I went with my friend, she likes rock music too.

I had plenty to drink before we went but my friend insisted on standing at the bar at first. It was not easy to pee at the bar because it was brightly lit and the floor was tiled, so I got a bit desperate and started leaking a bit on to the floor. Fortunately my puddle did not look too different from some spilled Guinness! I managed to hold most of it.Weeing in my rock chic skirt

Eventually a good table became available and I convinced my friend to go and sit down. Unfortunately the upholstery was light and plain coloured and not very pee friendly, but the carpet was a nice pattern so I sat perched on the edge of the seat and peed on to the back of my legs. The carpet took a whole bladderful nicely.

I was still drinking cola and peeing on the back of my legs until someone (not me!) managed to knock a pint of lager over and most of it went on the seat, quickly followed by a pint of cider. There did not seem to be much point in trying to keep the seat dry now so I just sat back on the seat, and peed on the seat whenever I wanted to pee after that. My pee soaked in nicely and made the seat nice and warm, my rock chic skirt was too short to get wet.

I stayed sitting in the nice warm seat until closing time, not just enjoying the music and the company of my friend, but the warmth of my seat and the freedom to just pee. Delicious.

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Went to a new club. Unfortunately I could not get anyone to come with me so I went on my own. I had plenty to drink before I went so I was nice and full by the time I got there. I wore my favourite clubbing outfit which has a short black skirt with a tutu under it to flounce it up a bit. I had a black top, black fishnets and strappy high heels with a small platform.Clubbing outfit

I got to the club pretty soon after it opened so it was a bit quiet. I got a drink and sat down in a booth. The seats were pink PVC and the booth area was carpeted in a nice dark blue carpet. I was ready to pee so I perched on the edge of the seat first and did a little pee down the back of my outstretched legs to wet the carpet a bit. I wanted to get the carpet a little wet first so my pee would soak in and not make a puddle. I just peed gently for about ten seconds, enjoying the warmth on my legs as my pee soaked into my stockings and feeling the drips dropping off the back of my legs onto the carpet. When the dripping had stopped I sat back on the seat.

After a couple of minutes my bladder reminded me that I was still full so I stretched my legs out again, started sipping my drink and gently relaxed my bladder until I felt my pee pooling around my bottom. After a few seconds I relaxed again until my pee was flowing a bit stronger and I felt my pee start to run down the back of my legs again. There was no one around so I relaxed completely and just let my pee flow. It was nice to sit and just relax completely like that, feeling the warmth build up around my bottom and run along my legs all the way to my feet. I kept going until my pee stopped and then squeezed out a last spurt. I sat in the puddle for a short while since it was all nicely hidden under my skirt. Once it had cooled I scooted forward and let the last little bit drain away to the carpet. I am sure that quite a lot must have run down the front of the seat but it was all hidden by my legs.

Some regulars came and sat with me and we chatted for a bit while I finished my drink and I let out a couple more spurts still perched on the edge of the seat while we were chatting.

My drink was finished so I went to the bar for another. While I was waiting peed down my legs. It was nice to get my feet properly wet but I did not do enough to make them really warm. There was still no one dancing so I sat back down again. A guy sat down beside me and chatted for a bit. He put his hand on my leg and got a wet hand from my damp stockings but he did not say anything.

By the time I had finished my second drink there were a lot more people in and so I had a dance before going back to the bar for another drink. This time I peed into the front of my skirt. I felt my pee running off my tutu on to my feet. No pee soaked through to be visible.

Now the club had got going I stood by the dance floor drinking my drink quickly and peeing down my legs before I got dragged off to dance by some very cute girls. I took a rest from dancing a couple of times to get another drink and pee down my legs before dancing again.

When it was time to go I did a last pee down my legs before I left.

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While clubbing is something I do quite a bit, attending seminars is something I do less often - so I thought I might tell you about my day out.

Wetting in the Watersports area

The seminars were being held at the seaside so I drove there. I needed to pee by the time I got there so I did my first pee sitting in the car, perched on the edge of the seat with my legs out of the door. I was wearing my skirt suit with the usual heels and fishnet stockings, and just got my legs and feet a little wet with pee. My skirt stayed mostly dry. It was not until I had started peeing that I realised quite how busy the road was where I had parked. I think that my heels and stockings were drawing a bit more attention than I had expected but I think that they were distracting everyone from my peeing.

I got to the seminar location and was first there. I sat down in the waiting area while waiting for the other delegates to arrive and got to sit down by a table. I managed to squeeze out a little bit more wee before anyone else arrived.

The seminar was reasonably uneventful. We were all sat around in a circle so it was very hard to pee during the seminar. After chatting for a bit with a guy who suggested another seminar that I might like to attend I was the last to leave. I stood and did a little wee on the carpet while I buttoned up my coat. I had not been drinking so did not do much.

I walked out into the cold and walked to the next seminar. There was still snow on the ground and although my heels are ideal for what I do, they were not too steady on the slippery ground.

The cold had had an effect and by the time I got to the second seminar I wanted to pee again. While I was waiting for the seminar to start I stood and peed gently while I looked at my delegate notes. All my pee soaked nicely into the carpet, some of it ran down my legs and some went on the front of my skirt because I noticed that when I got into the seminar I could feel a damp patch on the front of my skirt. There was nothing to see though.

The seminar went on quite a bit and although I had (unusually) not had anything to drink for a while I soon felt the need to pee again. Unfortunately we were all sitting around and I was quite near the front so again I could not pee easily. I was not too worried about having to wait though.

After the seminar finished I went out into the sun. There was still snow on the ground so I went to the sea front to enjoy it. There are few things as nice as walking along the promenade in the sun, with snow on the beach, letting loose and feeling my hot pee soaking my legs and feet as the wind blew my skirt, getting it completely soaked. A lovely end to the day before I walked back to my car and went home.

Wet suit on the promenade

It does feel nice wearing my smart suit, knowing that my skirt is soaking wet with pee and no one knows.

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This evening was just another ordinary evening out, but I will tell you about it anyway.

 Rock chick street pee

I got ready in my favourite rock chic outfit which includes 5" heels, a short pleated skirt with a tutu under it to make a flouncy petticoat and a laced up corset style top with bat wing sleeves. 

I had plenty to drink before I went and on the way to the club. As soon as I got to the club I got a drink and sat down and did my first wee while I drank. My pee sprayed into the front of my skirt and ran down over my thighs. Delicious. Once I started I just relaxed and let my pee out full blast. It was lovely and warm as it ran down over my thighs and ran down the back of my legs before dripping off and soaking invisibly into the carpet.

When I finished my drink I got up and danced for a bit while my skirt dried.

After dancing I went to the bar and got another drink. I just casually relaxed my bladder while I was standing at the bar and sprayed the front of my skirt again.

I took my drink and sat down. I waited until the last few sips before I peed again, this time spraying the back of my legs with my pee before I got up and danced again. It was nice dancing on the podium with wet legs.

When I was worn out from dancing I got another drink and sat down and weed again before dancing some more. Then it was time to come home and write up what I had been getting up to.


First time

Mar. 17th, 2010 01:11 pm
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 I have had an enthusiasm for seeing others wet themselves and to do it myself for some time, and like most of you here at first I just used to wet myself at home and in the garden. I did not tend to go out much anyway. Things started to change though when I started going out to the pub.

PVC skirt

The first time I went to the pub I was wearing 5" heels, fishnet stockings, a PVC miniskirt (without knickers of course) and a top. It was just coincidence that I had worn these clothes at home before when I had wet myself, I had no intention of doing so while out. I had been drinking a lot of cola while watching the karaoke and had to pop out to the car to make a phone call. 

It was frosty and the cold night air as I went outside immediately reminded me that I wanted to pee. I sat in the car and made the call, and as I got out of the car I realised that there was no one around so I thought that I might as well pee outside, after all I had done this in the garden a few times. I stood with my legs a little apart and started to pee. I had not realised just how much I wanted to pee and in no time my pee was coming out with so much force that it was catching on my skirt and soaking my legs and feet. My pee was deliciously warm where it was wetting my feet and legs and once my feet were wet I thought 'What the hell' and just carried on letting my pee go where it wanted - I knew that my PVC skirt would be OK and that my stockings were already wet.

I was a bit worried that I might smell a bit of pee but I went back inside anyway. My legs and feet were still warm with pee by the time I had got back inside and I felt deliciously wet. I went straight to the bar and got another drink and sat down to watch the karaoke.

I drunk some more and eventually I needed to pee again. This time I went outside expressly with the intention of peeing in the car park. As soon as I was clear of the doorway I stopped and just let rip, letting my pee catch my skirt again and soak my legs and feet. I was a little shocked when I heard a car door close and saw someone walking towards me. I quickly shut off the flow and walked on towards the car. As soon as the coast was clear I stopped and finished peeing before going back inside and going straight to the bar.

The next and final time that I wanted to pee that evening I went outside again and this time kept my legs tight together so that all my pee ran down my legs. This felt really nice as my pee was so hot, not just warm. I went back inside for a bit while my legs and feet dried off a bit before I went home and had a shower - fully clothed to wash the pee off.

The next time that I went to the pub I wore the same outfit. This time I had no intention of using the toilet. The first time that I wanted to pee I went outside as before and peed down my legs with my legs tight together and went back inside.

As I sat down with my drink I realised that my residual pee was running down my stockings and onto the carpet. A little bit more won't hurt I thought to myself so I perched on the edge of the chair and tucked my feet under so that I could pee a little on the back of my legs. Although I had only peed a few minutes before I was able to squeeze out a little more, enough to feel the warmth on my legs and feet.

I carried on drinking and peeing on the back of my legs, letting my pee run down my legs and feet before it soaked into the carpet, all evening. I only left my seat to go to the bar and get another drink as soon as my glass was empty.

Later in the evening I had just been carried away watching the singing when I realised that I had not peed for a while. I was sitting at a table on my own and getting quite comfortable just letting my pee out when I wanted. I had just started peeing, and it was coming out quite fast when a couple of girls came and sat down at the table with me. I stopped peeing as soon as I realised they were there. They had not seen me there before so just came to say hello.

We all started chatting and got on quite well. After a while I was beginning to get a little desperate but did not want to go to the toilet or even outside to pee. I was hoping that they would go for a pee but they didn't. Eventually I felt a bit more relaxed with them and although I was getting desperate I was able to just let short spurts of pee out on the back of my legs while we chatted. As the pressure subsided I was able to let out longer and longer spurts until I could just relax and let my pee run down the back of my legs until I was empty. At last orders I emptied out and my feet and legs were pretty dry by the time I left and went back with the girls for pizza and pavlova.


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 My leather skirt is a bit too long for dancing in so I don't wear it that often but I decided that it would be nice to wear it to the club for a change.

Wet in leather - nothing to see

I had plenty to drink and headed out. I started off in the pub as usual. It was nice to sit with my drink and watch the cabaret and just sit back and pee without having to worry about getting the seat wet or anything. My pee is constricted nicely in my skirt so it feels really warm around my thighs as it pools. It is not very often that I can just relax and let my pee flow full blast in the pub, especially when I am full to bursting. Really delicious. My pee runs nicely down the back of my outstretched legs to the carpet where it soaks in invisibly.

I got another drink and sat back down, drinking and wetting myself until the club opened.

It is always a bit quiet in the club at first. I did a little wee at the bar while getting a drink. I sat down to drink it and peed a little. When some good dancing music came on I got up and danced. It is nice to let a little wee out while dancing on the podium.

When the music was no good for dancing I got another drink and stood for a while overlooking the dancefloor peeing as I wanted letting my pee run down my legs and drip off the hem of my skirt. When I finished my drink I danced some more.

Lots of peeing needs lots of drink so I got another drink and sat down next to a girl. I chatted to her a bit and again just wet myself as and when I wanted while I drank.

Wearing a leather skirt is a sure fire way to increase your popularity, I had lots of people wanting to dance with me.

Eventually it was time to go. I tidied my hair in the giant mirror on the stairs while people walked by - and did a last pee, letting it run off the hem of my skirt and down my legs to soak into the carpet.

The cool air outside made me fully aware of the wet lining on my legs as I walked.

The great thing with a leather skirt is that they are very low maintainance. There is no washing or anything, when I get home I just hang it up to dry and it is ready to wear next day. I just clean any marks off with a leather creme that helps keep it soft every six months. There is one little drawback though in that the black dye is not pee-proof and I get a fishnet pattern dyed on to my legs that is hard to wash off. Hopefully that will get better with time.

In conclusion leather skirts are a lot of fun as well as looking really sexy. You can wear a leather skirt pretty much anywhere too. I have worn mine to work, clubbing and pretty much everywhere else and I never have to worry that it is too tight to pull up to go to the toilet.


Star Trek

Mar. 16th, 2010 04:32 pm
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I have wanted to see "Star trek" at the cinema for a while now, but it has been on and so I had to go and see it before it disappeared from the cinema.

Sitting on a bench, weeing through my skirt while waiting for the train

I managed to book a ticket for the last showing so that I had time to get ready. Although I was going on my own and the cinema is dark I like to look my best when I go out.

I wore my black suit which has a knee length sexy skirt with four splits over a white top with fishnet stockings - and obligatory 5" heels.

I had plenty to drink before I went to the cinema. It was so hot, I did not want to get dehydrated.

I usually like to pee down my legs before I go into the cinema, but my best shoes were in the shoemender's so I had court shoes on - not very conducive to peeing down my legs! Instead as I swivelled my legs out of the car I perched on the edge of the seat with my legs outstreched and peed so that my pee run off the back of my legs before reaching my shoes. Nearly as nice as peeing down my legs.

I was not desperate even though I had drunk two litres in the last hour. I hardly needed to pee at all.

In the cinema I bought a large cola that I took in to the auditorium with me. I went in when the film was due to start and found a nice seat away from everyone else. There were only four others in the auditorium. I settled down and started on my sweets and cola.

As the adverts played (for twenty minutes!) a few more people came in. Eventually although there were only about twenty people in the auditorium - they were in the row in front, the row behind and one seat away in the same row. I do prefer to be on my own because I don't like to be disturbed by noises.

Eventually the film started. Pretty much straight away I started to feel that my bladder was filling. It must have been the cool air and iced drink. Immediately I realised that I would not be able to last until the end of the film.

Accepting the inevitable that I would end up wetting myself if I did not go to the toilet now - I let a short spurt of pee out. It would have been impolite to expect people to have to move out of the way for me to get out and go to the toilet when the film was just starting.

My pee soaked through the back of my skirt and I felt it soak under me. I knew it was wetting the seat nicely as I felt it soak in. It is always best after an initial spurt to wait a while for it to soak in, so I waited before doing a bit more.

A few minutes later I let out a nice big spurt before I let out a few more spurts at regular intervals and felt the warmth warm up the seat.

Eventually during a loud bit bit of the film I relaxed and just let my pee flow. The seat took it all nicely.

For the rest of the film I just sat and peed whenever I wanted. Eventually I finished off my drink.

As the film started to come to it's conclusion I made a concious effort to finish wetting myself and squeezed out the last of my pee. My skirt then started to cool a little.

At the end I waited for all the others to leave and left behind them so that no-one would brush against my still wet skirt. I could feel a few drops dripping from the back of the hem onto the back of my legs as I walked and I could feel that my jacket and white top had soaked up some pee from my skirt as well.

I left the cinema and returned to the car. I stood and peed into the front of my skirt before I got in to the car so that I could enjoy my wet skirt on the top of my legs while I drove.

Since I was already out and it was not too late I went on to the pub. I changed my white top (which by now had a tidemark!) and jacket for a black top but kept the same (still nicely wet) skirt and stockings on. My shoes were fortunately still dry.

I got a drink, sat down in the pub on a low chair and a couple sat down and chatted with me. I felt the need to pee again so I perched on the edge of the seat, just sat, and peed on the carpet while chatting.

The guy managed to knock his drink into my lap. He was too pissed to appologise. I picked up his nearly empty glass from my lap and handed it back to him. After that I just peed into the front of my skirt instead of peeing directly onto the carpet while we chatted.

After a couple of drinks in the pub they announced that the next door club was open. I went to the club. My skirt was still soaking wet and my black top had soaked some pee up from my skirt - but unlike the white top it did not show.

It was dark in the club so I just peed pretty much as and when I wanted. I peed into the front of my skirt standing at the bar and while sitting, letting my pee soak down between my thighs and through the back of my skirt. I did not bother perching on the edge of the seat in the club.

I could not pee while dancing like I usually do because it would have gone in my shoes (like it usually does) but I was able to pee enough that I did not get desperate.

All in all quite a fun evening.



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