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It is second nature to me now to just sit and pee through my skirt when I want to pee, but it was not always so.

I remember the first time that I decided to do it quite well. I was out for the day and had discreetly weed down my legs a few times. It had been raining so I had not worried too much about little puddles appearing around my feet while I was standing and chatting on my phone.

It was a cold winter's day, and I had just got on the train and sat down when I got the little tingle that told me It was time to pee. At that time ordinarily I would have just shuffled my skirt up a bit, perched on the edge of the seat and discretely peed on the back of my legs - but the train was crowded and there was no carpet on the floor to soak up my pee so it would have been obvious what I had done with the puddle moving up and down the coach as the train moved unless I held on until the end of my journey. I had peed like this before on an empty train, and the puddle migrated so far it would have been hard to associate it with me after ten minutes.

I had contemplated holding on, but sinking into the nice uphostery I so much wanted to feel my pee warming up the seat. My skirt was knee length and quite tight, just about short enough to scrunch up sufficiently while I scoot to the edge of the seat, but too long to scrunch up sufficiently while sitting back on the seat.

It was just one of those spur of the moment things. My skirt was black so I knew it would not show too much if it was wet, and I was not likely to see anyone I knew anyway, and it would be dark outside when it was time to get off the train.

I just sat back and before I had a chance to change my mind I just relaxed and gently released my pee into my skirt.

I just did a 15 second spurt to moisten the uphostery initially, thouroughly enjoying the luxury of feeling the warmth pool in my skirt before soaking away into the seat.  I must have been smiling like a cheshire cat because the feeling was even more luxurious knowing that the rest of the passengers were not enjoying the warmth that I was feeling.

It was done now, my skirt was wet so there was no reason at all not to continue. A minute later I relaxed and peed again. Gently still, but this time I just kept going until I was empty.

It was lovely feeling the warmth carressing my bottom and thighs, and of course no one knew.

As my journey neared its end I had some trepidation about getting up to leave my seat, but I just waited until most of those getting off had got up and just followed them out.

As I was leaving the train there were a few drops falling from the hem of my skirt on to the back of my legs which startled me a little, but I just walked out confidently and struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger as we walked to the car park.




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